Friday, January 30, 2009

To my furry kids:

Mary, Jane, Dobby, and Winky,

I know that you guys feel something is about to change. You have been much more cuddly and needy lately. Mom and dad have been trying to explain that babies are on the way, but those eyes show me you aren't completely understanding. Tonight I have you all on the bed with me, but after next week you may never see the bed again. I just want you to know that I love you, and you are not being replaced. You may just simply be relocated for a time. I know Dobby, it is cold outside, but you have a coat and I will try to remember to still water and feed you. And if I forget, maybe grandma Murray will take you home and care for you. She is a really good cook. And I know she will let you get up on her new bed.

Oh, Mary and Jane: thank you for keeping the crib warm for the babies. As grateful as I am sure the babies are, this is no longer needed. If me chasing after you with a squirt bottle of water to get you out of the babies room didn't get my point across, maybe this will. You may have to go live with Grandma Murray if this continues. And she will give you a list of me.

So, though you all may be going through a rough change after next week, remember that dad and I love you just as much as we ever have. Once the babies get old enough to play with you, you will have more love than you will know what to do with. Just be patient until then. We love you.

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