Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 days and counting...

With 2 days left before the big delivery day, we are trying to wrap up a few last minute things. Have you all seen the part on Lady and the Tramp where they walk the dogs on a leash to the back room to put them down? It is the saddest scene, and closley resembled the scene in our home today. Keola walking the dogs one by one on a leash to the back room for the dreaded bath. So sad! I swear I heard that sad music playing in the background as well. The pups don't like baths, but man they smell a lot better and are so soft. It's just heart wrenching getting there. And now they are waiting for their dog beds to get out of the wash. They are having a rough day.

I also got the call today from the hospital giving me the run down for the big day. I think I was shaking the whole time. Both from nerves and excitement. They asked if I was allergic to anything..."only metal." Crap. Probably should have mentioned that to the doc since I will be getting staples. So I called the Dr. office to let them know.

My mom sent me a package again. She is being so awesome. A robe! Love it! I also got 2 free cans of formula in the mail today! Nice! Martha called to see how I was doing and offered again to make a Jack in the Box run if I need. She is hilarious and so dang supportive. Randy called and said she made the twins something. I'm guessing it's something pretty gangsta. I have the best friends ever!

It has been a good day, and much less crazy emotional than yesterday. Keola has been so great as usual, and puts up with so much. I love my family. I love my friends. Dang, I gots it good.