Thursday, January 29, 2009

The date is set!

We got some great news today! With another weekly ultrasound, we found that the babies are weighing in at 5 lbs 2 oz's (baby A) and 5 lbs 8 oz's (baby B). That is if the measurements are accurate. Baby A is head down, and so low that it has been hard the last few weeks to get good measurements of his head. I am amazed that by measuring the head, femur, and belly they can estimate the babies weight. Now they are in the 5th-25th percentile for weight, versus the 5th-15th percentile they were in before I went on bed rest. I too have been gaining weight, topping the scales at...I'm not telling! Lets just say I need to get in gear to lose this baby weight once the babies get here. And no more late night Jack in the Box runs. Sob!

Baby A is still head down, and Baby B is breech. Because Baby baby B is the larger baby, and isn't the presenting baby (he'll be the second one born), he will have to turn head down to be delivered naturally. The Dr. said that even if I deliver Baby A naturally, with these babies being the first born, there is a good chance we may not get Baby B to turn. With the 50% chance of having to have a c-section anyway, the Dr. scheduled one for next Thursday, February 5th of 2009 at noon.

I am nervous since I haven't had surgery before. With my wonderful friends and family though, I have already gotten good advice and encouragement that has made me feel a ton better. It is fun having it planned so I know when they will be here, and we don't have to wait anxiously wondering when the big day will come. Plus, no labor pain! I just pray that the babies are born healthy and happy and I feel confident that they will be.

More good news...we saw both babies have hair! We can't tell how long or if it is a full head of hair, but I can now picture the cute babies with hair! Keola and I are really hoping for mullets...little Joe Dirt's. I wish I could count their toes. There is always the chance they could be born with a stuck toe like their uncle Beau. :)

So, unless I go into labor before the 5th, that is going to be the big day! I am just barely dilated, and have had some contractions but I think just Braxton Hicks. In fact...I am having one right now. Ouch. I don't think I will go into labor before then.

Thanks again to everyone for your support! We will keep you all updated!

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