Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Belly Pics

Everyone keeps asking when I am going to post some belly pics. I hate getting pictures taken, but today, for the second time in my pregnancy, I caved and asked Keola to take a few. they are!

20 Weeks

36 Weeks

We had another Dr.'s appointment and ultrasound today. We look forward to these every week. I am measuring at 42 weeks. WHAT?!!!! Two weeks ago I was measuring at 34 weeks, last week at 38, and this week at 42. I have been growing a ton in just the last few weeks. Another thing that blows my mind is that last week both babies were head down. This week, Baby "B" is breech again. I have no idea how he had room to turn around completely. Other than that, everything looks the same. I'm still not dialated, and the babies look like they are doing great! I have to say- as uncomfortable as I am, I am so grateful and blessed that the babies are staying put as long as they have. The longer they stay in the belly, the bigger they get, and the healthier they usually are. I am so happy that the pregnancy has gone so well, and am excited at the thought that the babies should be big enough to come home, and may not have to spend time in the NICU. Right now I really am counting my many blessings.


hayngrl101 said...

We are so thrilled for you!!! Yay babies!!

fishinfam said...

I can't wait until baby J and J comes out!!

Mea S said...

I'm so excited! It's getting SO close! EEK!